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Please help orphaned children Sasha and Pasha finally get home!

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НазваниеPlease help orphaned children Sasha and Pasha finally get home!
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Please help orphaned children Sasha and Pasha finally get home!

Dear friends, we have a serious problem. Two orphaned boys, Sasha and Pasha will not find a new family they always dreamed of. Instead of this Sasha will go from children’s home in Novgorod region to an orphanage, while Pasha will be sent to psycho neurology foster home. Sasha is a healthy and intelligent boy while Pasha received a birth injury and became a “special” disabled kid. He cannot walk and his development is delayed. Of course, a loving and caring family could rehabilitate him and even return his ability to walk, but Pasha couldn’t even dream of having a family…such heroic family is very hard to find…


As a part of our joint project with Committee of education, science and youth policy of Novgorod region named “Children are waiting” we created a page for Sasha at portal and were hoping that at least he will find a family being such smart, handsome and very tender boy.

However, potential foster parents refused to get acquainted with Sasha after finding out that he has a disabled twin brother. We placed the information at the adoption forums many times, but with no results. And then a miracle happened! A true miracle which makes one cry from joy. There was a family which wanted to adopt Sasha. After they found out that there was his brother Pasha they expressed the desire to adopt him as well.

And do you know what kind of family that was? The family of Natalia and Alexander Klimenko, outstanding people whose very existence makes one come to terms with life’s hardships and gives people hope. Klimeko family adopts problematic orphaned children with zero chances to find foster parents and nurses them. Klimenko couple has 11 kids. After their two biological elder sons had grown up, the couple decided to take in a foster child. They adopted the twin sisters one of which was a disabled person “with no perspectives and not subject to family placement” according to the opinion of guardianship authorities. The girls are 18 years old at the moment; they graduated from ordinary secondary school, are smart, pretty and help their parents a lot around the house.

Klimenko also have four foster children with Down’s syndrome…they are widely known among the parents of Down’s syndrome sufferers for their outstanding results in rehabilitation. They also adopted two mentally handicapped children: brother and sister. The family owns a huge house in Kuban region where they moved from Primorye so that their children can grow in a place with the best climate. The house is surrounded by a large land plot with fruit orchard and flower beds and has two game rooms and a gym. As I read the articles about these people, I felt very proud for our country since these heroic parents are our fellow citizens. I also felt very happy that they would become parents to Sasha and Pasha and give them a happy life in a blooming country…


Natalia wrote me that their elder daughters were 18 years old already, that they had a family council and decided that they can adopt one more child. And even two more children. They considered all possible options and decided that they can do it and received unconditional support from their children.


Klimenko gathered and submitted documents to guardianship authorities at their place of residence and we were anxiously waiting for resolution of guardianship authorities and the family’s arrival to take the children home. And then it all went down in flames, because the guardianship authorities of Krasnoarmeysky municipal entity of Krasnodar territory rejected Klimenko’s application to adopt the children. The explanation was: “Inexpedient. This will harm the interests of other children”.

Saying that this was shocking would not be enough. A heroic mother who was awarded with the Order for Service to the Motherland and a “Heart of Gold” medal from the Patriarch of Russian Orthodox Church and is famous throughout the country wants to save one more child and receives refusal from the authorities whose very existence is meant to support the noble work of this family! This just doesn’t make sense!


I called the guardianship authorities in charge and spoke with their head S. Bondarysenko who is personally responsible for depriving these children of this unique chance for family placement. Here are the excerpts from this conversation:

^ B: I stayed with this family for half of the day when they were visited by TV reporters and saw that it was hard on the mother!

Me: Are you trying to say that she cannot make it?

B: No, I wasn’t saying this! She can make it. But this is hard on her!

Me: Don’t you think that this is her choice?

B: … and I also don’t think that elder children should nurse younger ones!

Me: Are you trying to say that elder children help younger ones too much?

^ B: They don’t just help; they also change diapers and do a lot of other work!

Me: Do you mean that in a large family having elder children help younger ones harms their interests in some way?

B: No, I didn’t mean this! By the way, do you know that their house has eight rooms and there are only walk-through rooms left? Do you want the child to live in a WALK-THROUGH ROOM?

Me: I am positive that a walk-through room in Klimenko house (by the way, this is a huge hall with the area of 26 sq. m.) is an ultimate dream for a child who can only hope for an iron bed in psycho neurology foster home…

^ B: And Natalia must also disaccustom her kids from diapers! They are five years old already and are still wearing diapers!

Me: And do you know that incontinence is a common problem for Down’s syndrome sufferers? And how is anyone on earth supposed to eliminate it?


This was the conversation which didn’t give any results. Then I called the ombudsman for children of Krasnodarsk territory, but she said that the issue is outside her competence. Afterwards Natalia filed complaints to the head of municipal entity, to the prosecutor’s office, to the Department of Education, to the ombudsman for children again, to the ombudsman for children of Russian Federation and, finally, to the President. The extraordinary inspections started to arrive. From the guardianship authorities, from the medical centers, from the municipal authorities… They all recognize that children are happy there, that this is a perfect family! But it is so hard on the parents! Natalia started to receive refusals which were practically copied from the opinion of guardianship authorities. Only the President and the ombudsman for children of Russian Federation did not bother to reply. They are probably busy with something more important. However, Klimenko family received a visit from United Russia who said that the Klimenko couple is awesome, everyone admires them, but what can United Russia do? They cannot do anything, just tell about the family at the party’s central office and award them in some way. After the elections are over. Just don’t let this information leak to the media, don’t make the officials angry on the eve of the elections…


But we decided to talk about it. Honestly, we do not want to make anyone angry. We are widely known for our conflict-free standpoint. We work to help the children instead of quarreling with anyone. We run the events to help the children but not protest actions. Our painters paint the hospital walls but not agitation posters. But now our patient community is forced to protest.

And we cannot remain silent and find consolation because a young sick boy is forced to live a life, which can hardly be regarded as “life” at all. I know what happens to a small child who cannot walk from living in a bed which the state provides him after relocation to psycho neurological foster home. He sits and hits the bars with his head, he howls at first and then his eyes become empty…he rocks, bites the mattress…becomes bedridden and dies from sadness and loneliness.

Our organization consists of Russian citizens who unite for the sake of helping children. This is our most important goal. And we know that only family gives the child a real chance. And we cannot sit still knowing that the child who is wanted by a loving family suffers and slips away before our eyes.


I am a busy person and a mother of a large noisy family and I cannot sleep at night since I often wake up and think about how I can save these children. I cannot find any rest. Now you also know about these children. And if you share my pain, please sign our open letter. We are starting a large-scope urgent collection of your signatures. As is written everywhere, we need your signatures. A lot of signatures.

So that the persons who can resolve this matter would finally want to do this. So that they couldn’t afford to stand back.


My fellow citizens, Russians, please help to save the children! Please help!

Lada Uvarova

Chairman of the Board of “Peterburg Parents” organization

President of North-Western Charity Fund “Children are waiting”

You can help us by:

  • Signing an open letter in favor of Klimenko Family -

  • Filing a personal application to the state authorities in your own wording

  • Discussing this problem in the mass media

  • Placing this information in your blogs


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