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  1. There is small alley not far away from the 1st study building. It was opened at 2008 according to 100 years later after 1st graduation from this institute. What is a name of this alley? (отв.аллея геологов)


  1. The building of Mining Department (1st study building) is one of the most beautiful in Tomsk. Some parts of the building are decorated with symbol of mining. What is that symbol? (отв. молотки)


  1. How many such symbols are located in that alley?  (отв. 28 на полу+4 около статуи+20на скамьях+14 на урнах+1 на камне=67 примерно)


  1. Monument "Рудокопу и рудознатцу Фёдору Еремееву" was opened on November 11, 2008 . Рудознатец Fedor Yeremeev is known by finding iron ore near Tomsk in 1623. Make a creative picture with statue «Рудокоп и Рудознатец».


  1. Building number 8 of TPU is study building of Power engineering Department. What is a name of big green monument near study building # 8? (отв. Воздушный трансформатор)


  1. There is a one interesting tradition connected with statue near main study building. What exactly this tradition is? (отв.выпускники красят ему ботинки)


  1. Find a Time Capsule on the “Лагерный сад”. The idea of making this capsule was created by veteran of the Great Patriotic War. There is a such patriotic text in the message inside:” ...Любите свою Родину. Защищайте свою Родину! Гордитесь ею...”. So what is written at the place where this capsule is situated? (отв. Послание от поколения победителей будующим поколениям. Прочесть 9 мая 2045)


  1. "Лагерный сад" is named in connection with location of Tomsk 39th Infantry Regiment summer camps(лагерей) in the XVIII century. Military monument and 15 steles (with the names of Tomsk people who died during the battles of the Great Patriotic War) is located in the center of the park and was built in 1979. Find famous Rozhdestvensky phrase and translate it into English. (отв. Помните! Через века, через года – Помните! О тех, кто уже не придет никогда, - Помните!)


  1. There is the TPU 10th study building located in the beginning of the Lenin Street. Find the old gate with previous name of TPU on it. What was the TPU name more than 20 years ago? (отв. ТПИ)


  1. Natural population of the squirrels remained at the “Лагерный сад”. Everybody in Tomsk knows that it’s best place to get such opportunity to feed squirrels from hands. Buy some pine nuts on the way there and try to feed a squirrel with it. If you are able to do it and to make a picture of this process, you will get 11 points! 


  1. Tomsk Polytechnic University is the oldest technical university in Russia east of the Urals. When was TPU established and opened? On the outside wall of the main building of TPU find the name of the first rector of TPU. (answer: The university was founded in 1896 and opened in 1900 as the Tomsk Technological Institute. 1899—1907 Зубашев Е. Л. 1-й директор ТТИ)


  1. Tomsk Polytechnic University is the only university in Tomsk , which has a military department (it was formed at 1926). Since 1957, the department carried out training of reserve officers for the Army Air Defence. Which address and number of the building of TPU where the Military department is situated? ***Near which town students of TPU have Military training during summer vacation? (try to ask students around) (корпус №9, Аркадия Иванова 4, Юрга)


  1. You used to take a bus at the bus station called «ТЭМЗ». What does it mean? (Томский Электро-механический завод)


  1. Find this elements of the buildings of TPU


TPU building №


2013-09-28 22.09.38.jpg

Хим. Корпус №2

Ленина 43

2013-09-28 22.09.52.jpg

10 корпус



Task Max point iconTask Max point

Task Max point iconTask Max point
Рудокопу и рудознатцу Фёдору Еремееву was opened on November 11, 2008. Рудознатец Fedor Yeremeev is known by finding iron ore near...
Task Max point iconTask Max point
Буфф-сад” (buff-garden) is located in the center of the city. It is one of the most beautiful gardens in the city with a lot of trees,...
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