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Chapter: 1 Arthur 2: The Quest for the Aqua Orb

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Author: ElphieThroppDG28

Chapter 1 to 30

Chapter: 1

Arthur 2: The Quest for the Aqua Orb


Hey, hey, hey, everyone! It's moi! And I'm ba-ack! (Okay, I'm gonna stop with that, cause y'all are probably freaking out right now.)

A few things before you read this:

A) The original movie (Arthur and the Invisibles) is set in 1960s Connecticut. In order for the following story to make sense, pretend that the original movie took place in 2007 (still in Connecticut), because this story takes place in 2008 (in both Connecticut and Minnesota).

B) The original movie stated that the passage to the Minimoy world can only be opened every ten moons (or every ten months). Again, in order for this story to work, we are going to pretend that the passage opens once every twelve moons (or once a year).

C) THIS STORY IS PURLEY FICTIONAL. Any real people and/or places and/or events used here are used fictitiously (I have changed all real people's names to "protect the innocent").

D) I am using parts of the plot from ^ The Phantom of the Opera in the story, which I don't own. If I did, do you think I'd be writing all this? (jk…jk…)

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES OR ANY OTHER RELATED TITLES. This wonderful story belongs to Luc Besson. AND I DON'T OWN THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA NOVEL, STAGE MUSICAL OR ANY OTHER REALTED TITLES. That wonderful work belongs to...a lot of people (but the original idea is the property of Gaston Leroux, and the stage musical [from which the plot of part of the story is coming from] belongs to Andrew Lloyd Webber).

So…here's my fan-fiction sequel to Arthur and the Invisibles. Hope you like it!


So…let's recap what happened in "Arthur and the Invisibles":

-Arthur was able to save both the Minimoy world and his grandparents' house

-Arthur's parents and his grandfather came back

-The Evil M kinda…disappeared…

-Arthur and Selenia…well…that goes without saying

So…where is this story going, exactly?

-The Minimoys are in trouble (again!) and need Arthur's help

-But he can't help…he's in Minnesota, visiting relatives he never even knew he had

-The Evil M has gotten ahold of a mysterious power source, but can't use it just yet…he'll need someone who's related to Arthur the Hero to help him use it…someone with a lot of power…

-And the big question: who is this Juno Davidson and why is she in this?

Those questions-and more!-will be answered…

Chapter: 2


The Aqua Orb, a glowing blue orb of water magic, has been in the possession of the Minimoy people for centuries. Its purpose is very mysterious, but very powerful, and is capable of wiping out the whole Minimoy race if it falls into the wrong hands.

The only one who can control this sacred orb is the Guardian of the Waves, one who is a blood-relative of a great warrior/friend of the Minimoys. Only he (or she) can use the Orb's full power. Only he (or she) can choose between the path of good and evil.

Only he (or she) will decide the fate of the world.

Chapter: 3


Minimoy's P.O.V

Princess Selenia was jerked awake suddenly by violent undulations on her bed. This wouldn't have bothered her so much if her younger brother, Betameche, wasn't the one causing them, bouncing up and down on her legs.

"^ Beta!" she scolded groggily, sitting up. "Would you stop that?"

"You gotta come! Quick!" he said, getting off the bed and scurrying to the door.


"The Aqua Orb is gone!"

The whole Minimoy kingdom gathered in the Great Hall, nervously awaiting the horrible news in their pajamas. The king finally stood before his people and silenced the agitated crowd.

"I regret to inform you of the following information: the Aqua Orb has been reported missing," the king said gravely as a worried gasp went up through the Minimoys, its sound echoing off the dirt walls of the room.

"^ How?" someone asked.

"The guards found a missing piece from a Sades army uniform laying next to the Orb's case, so all signs point to the Evil M." He shook his head. "That means the Guardian of the Waves has been identified."

"How could he have known?" Selenia wondered out loud.

"When the Guardian of the Waves comes of age, the Orb will send out vibrations to inform everyone in the Seven Kingdoms that he-or she-has been found. The Evil M must have received them before everyone else and stolen the Orb before anyone else knew anything."

"^ Can he do any real damage?" Beta asked.

"Not necessarily," the king explained. "The Guardian of the Waves must be in possession of the Orb for its power to be unleashed. However…if the Evil M was to kidnap the Guardian and force her to use the Orb's power for his own personal gain…he very well could flood the Seven Kingdoms and completely take over."

"^ Who IS the Guardian, exactly?" someone piped up.

"The prophecy states that the Guardian must be a blood-relative of a great warrior and friend of us, and based on the notes the guards found in the Sades helmet…the Guardian is a female cousin-born under a water sign-of Arthur the Hero's."

^ Another great gasp arose from the crowd.

"Arthur has a COUSIN?" Beta said. "Since when?"

"He doesn't know he has one yet," the king answered. "But he must learn soon. He must keep her as far away from our kingdom as possible; the closer she is, the easier the Evil M can manipulate her into using her powers for evil."

"^ But what if she's stubborn about all of this?" Selenia inquired. "What if she refuses to listen to Arthur?"

"Oh, don't worry," the king said wryly. "She will understand in time."

Chapter: 4


Juno's P.O.V.

I'm not quite sure how this whole thing started…there's a lot to remember, after all. I mean, it's not every day that you find out you have long-lost relatives that live all the way in Connecticut but have come to visit for the summer…or that your ten-year-old-soon to be eleven-year-old-cousin has communication with tooth-sized elves…or that going on an adventure with said elves is a lot more exciting than getting your learner's permit.

And the reason I know all this is because…I've lived it. I've gone through every event I've mentioned in a little less than three months. And I'm still trying to sort out how all this could be possible…

But I think that said cousin and said elves wouldn't like me dwelling on it. They'd tell me to shut up and face the facts. Or…at least said elves would. Said cousin would tell me to open up and believe…or something sappy like that.

Anyway, as I've said all these things, I've finally remembered how all this started. So…don't fall asleep on me yet! I'll tell you the story from the very beginning…

^ I guess it all started during summer vacation. You know how it feels: school's out, there's so much to do, and so little time to do it.

I was mainly relieved to be done with the ninth grade, if anything. No more being the youngest in the school, no more confusing schedules, no more awkward run-ins with older kids you didn't even know…and no more waiting to get my permit.

^ I was living the high-life.

Well…almost. I mean, my best friend, Geri, had to go to Chicago for most of the summer, and she'd be busy the whole time, leaving her no time to talk to me. And my other friend, Carly, was having computer and cellphone troubles, and couldn't really communicate with anyone.

I spent most of my time in my room, listening to my iPod or reading a book. If I wasn't doing that, I was watching TV or on the computer, and I wasn't in either of those places, I was eating something out of the refrigerator.

My mother was very concerned about this, and decided to put me in Driver's Ed. earlier than planned. But that didn't matter in the least to me. The sooner I got my permit, the better. And after two weeks and a sickingly easy test, I finally got it.

^ So that kept me happy for a while.

But I didn't know that that would soon end.

Yep, things were too good to be true. It just seemed right that among all that summer sunshine, it had to rain sometime. And it finally did one fine summer night in that third week of June.

^ And it didn't rain. It POURED.

There was thunder and lightning EVERYWHERE.

And it was so friggin' LOUD.

Loud enough to jerk me awake.

After I had gotten my bearings and realized it was raining outside, I looked around my bedroom and decided that everything looked darker than usual. I looked at the digital clock on my dresser to see the time and that's when I realized the power had gone out because the clock was blank.

After realizing I wasn't going to fall back asleep anytime soon, I decided I should stay up and read one of my library books. I went out to our loft, got cozy on my beanbag, and read for about an hour before I finally decided to go back to bed.

^ I didn't know that someone was watching me.

I figured things couldn't stay great forever. But I didn't think it would come to a halt as fast as it did.

Chapter: 5


Hey, everyone! Yeah, I know Arthur and the Invisibles isn't the coolest movie ever...but it's pretty good. And I'm hoping this story won't screw anything up (I get confused with that movie and its many plotholes all too often).

Anyway, like I've said, all real peoples' names have been changed to protect the innocent, since some of these people are based on people I actually know. Oh, and all the places are real...the events are more or less depends...

^ Oh, and just a reminder: won't be on all that much next week.


Chapter One: IN WHICH We First Meet Juno

Fifteen-year-old Juno Davidson leaned against the shopping cart, waiting for her mother to order some turkey at the poultry counter. She and her mother were at the new Costco that had opened up in Maplewood earlier that week-and already it wasn't living up to Juno's expectations. She sighed impatiently, trying to signal to her mother that she wanted to go somewhere else.

"Juno Esperanza Davidson!" Mrs. Davidson said, frustrated. "How many times do I have to tell you NOT to pout like this?"

"Say it for the whole store to hear, Mom," Juno hissed.

"I don't care! You've been pouting for the past…" She glanced at her watch before saying, " Fifteen minutes!"

Juno gave her mother a matter-of-fact look. "And you don't think that waiting fifteen minutes to order some turkey when there's NO ONE ELSE AROUD isn't the craziest thing you ever experienced?"

"I do admit, this is getting a little ridiculous-"

"A little?" Juno asked. " A little ridiculous was waiting almost half an hour to get our membership cards-"

"It's a Thursday! A lot of people come here on Thursdays. And it just opened this week, too, not to mention it's summertime-" her mother protested.

"A little ridiculous was when that creepy sample lady forced me to try dried peaches when it was obvious I didn't want to-"

"It's her job! She's supposed to persuade people to buy things here-"

"A little ridiculous was this store having fifty copies of The American Mall and no copies of Rent-"

"They're a whole-sale club! They buy in bulk, and get what they can get, dear-"

"And I tried to let the fact that they have ACTUAL FISH with eyes in packages slide by-"

"People buy them that way all the time!"

"But this?" Juno pointed to the counter. "This is where I draw the line. I officially label this Costco L-A-M-E." She sighed. "I should have stayed home and watched The Phantom of the Opera or whatever."

"Juno, please. I know that this store is…a bit less than average. But we need to make the best of it."

"If this is it's best, I'd hate to see it's worst," Juno muttered.

Before her mother could say anything else, a bored-looking employee came to the counter and rang a service bell.

"Sorry about the inconvenience," she said in monotone. "I was on my lunch break."

Mrs. Davidson gave her a quizzical look. "It's not even ten in the morning."

"Well…my boss really doesn't care." She looked at Mrs. Davidson. "What can I do for you?"

"I'd like half a pound of the oven-smoked turkey breast, please."

The employee nodded and got out the turkey. She put it on a scale and waited for the numbers to come up. While she did, she started humming the "Jeopardy" theme song rather loudly. It took all of Juno's strength to keep herself from laughing. That, and her mother's warning look.

When the numbers finally came up, the employee put the turkey into a baggie. "That'll be two bucks," she said in her monotone voice.

Mrs. Davidson paid the employee and signaled for Juno to follow her with the cart.

"So…are we doing anything of interest this weekend?" Juno asked when they reached the potato chip aisle.

"Well, Aunt Gina and Uncle Tim's beer party's on Saturday," Mrs. Davidson said, putting a bag of chips in the cart.

"Isn't it usually in the fall?"

"Yes…but after how cold it was last year…they decided to move it up earlier in the year."

Juno nodded, smiling. Her aunt and uncle's beer party would now be one of the highlights of her summer. It was the one place where she could drink cup after cup of delicious homemade root beer; get away with playing with her cellphone and listening to her iPod at the same time; and snicker with her sister and her friends, Hailey and Molly, at all of the people who drank too much alcohol for their own good.

"We should call Hailey's when we get home and invite them," Juno said, going to grab some sour cream and cheddar chips. "I know they'll be thrilled to come with."

"Not this time," Mrs. Davidson said. "Mrs. Cartmen called and said that they can't make it this year."

The bag of chips in Juno's hand dangled a few inches above the cart as she stood with her mouth open. "What?"

"Sorry, sweetie…but they have a family reunion the same day. Mrs. Cartmen told me Hailey and Molly were really upset that they were missing this, but family comes first."

Juno rolled her eyes. Now that her sister's best friend and her family weren't coming, the beer party seemed less exciting. She got tired pretty quickly with both her cellphone and iPod if she used them too much. Besides, most of the adults there had better things to do than talk with a fifteen-year-old, and the adults that did talk to her didn't talk about much. And Juno most definitely didn't want to talk alone with her younger sister, Tracey, because all she could talk about was Star Wars.

"Honey, I know that the beer party gets…long for you and Tracey," Mrs. Davidson said, putting a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "But it'll be fun this year! There are plenty of people there to talk with…you can always play with Aunt Gina's dog, Grace…and you can have as much homemade root bear as you want! I promise: this year, you won't be bored." She turned and began walking down the aisle.

"Yep," Juno said to herself as she pushed the car, following her mother. "You keep telling yourself that."

Chapter: 6


^ OMG I know I haven't updated in a while! Sorry! There's been so much going on...

Anyway, here's Chapter Two! Enjoy!

P.S. I don't own Light Sprites the game or Costco the store.


Chapter Two: IN WHICH Juno Discovers Her Powers

"Oh, shoot!" Mrs. Davidson said when they reached the self check-out. "I forgot to get your dad's water. Juno, sweetie, could you run down to the water aisle and get a pack, please?"

"Sure, Mom," Juno said, walking away.

Wait. What was she doing? She had never even been in this Costco before. How did she know where the water was? Sure, there were the aisle markers…but she never paid attention to those. Who did anymore?

She made it to the aisle in about half a minute. Walking slowly so she wouldn't miss her dad's water, she began to ponder things. How had she known how to get to the water aisle when she'd never even been there before? Was something wrong with her? Was she hallucinating?

She began to think back to other weird instances over the past three weeks. There was the time she realized that no matter how long she stayed in the shower, her skin didn't prune up like everyone else's. And the time she walked through the rain to the public library and had somehow dried off as soon as she went inside. And then the time when she went swimming at the local pool and refused to get out, she had felt so at home there.

And then there was today in the parking lot. A runaway cart had been rolling towards her as she was crossing the pavement. She noticed that as the cart continued to roll, it would hit a huge puddle, getting her soaked through. She put her arms out in front of her as if to will the cart to stop.

And just as it rolled through the puddle, making a huge wave of water…it did. Both the cart and the wave were frozen in space.

Thinking back on it now, Juno began to realize that these instances were much more than mere coincidences. They were omens. Omens of…something.

Something BIG.

Something she couldn't explain.

Something she didn't want anything to do with.

Juno shuddered at the thought of being something…something else. One of those freaks she saw in movies that were shunned by society because of a weird quirk or ability. Would she end up like that? Lonely and surrounded by water?

She was so deep in thought that she almost passed her dad's water. She quickly grabbed a pack and headed to the self check-out. Whatever it was, she was sure it was just her crazy imagination acting up again.

After all…considering the summer she'd been having, she needed to keep herself entertained somehow.


The rest of the day, she tried to avoid water as best she could. Unfortunately, her sister, Tracey, noticed.

"Is there a specific reason you're avoiding water?" she asked in her haughty tone.

"No," Juno said, turning back to her game of Light Sprites on the computer.

Tracey shook her head. "What's with you, Juno? You've been so distant lately! You're not talking to anyone, you spend most of your time alone…and now you're being weird! Mom and Dad are really worried about you."

This hit Juno hard. She had no idea her behavior had had that much of an effect on her parents.

"They said the only reason they're dragging us to that party on Saturday is because they want you to socialize and not be reclusive like you've been for the past three weeks."

"Whatever," Juno said, trying to seemed absorbed in her game.

Tracey sighed. "Fine. Don't listen to me. It's your funeral." She left the room in a huff.

Juno sighed and quit out of the game. She knew she'd been distant. But that was only because she didn't want her family knowing about…the thing. And it was better having her family think she was just being a teenager than having them know about…the thing.

And Juno intended to keep it that way.


^ Selenia's P.O.V.

Selenia rolled her eyes as she watched the Guardian of the Waves through the Foreseeing Orb. Why was this girl in such denial about her true identity? Were all humans like this? Did they just deny parts of themselves when it suited them?

Well…there was one that she knew would never do that…

Selenia really couldn't believe that this girl-this…freak-was really related to her Arthur. Her husband. The future king of the Minimoys. She compared the two and shook her head. They were total opposites!

She smiled as she thought of Arthur. Brave, kind, courageous Arthur. He was never afraid to do the right thing. And he was always ready to defend the Minimoys, ready to take action and stand up for them.

Juno was a different story. She was just like any other human teenager: so angst-ridden…so confused…so…not ready to take on responsibility. She only cared about her own problems, and she acted like a five-year-old. And she was the older one of the two!

Selenia sighed. Maybe with patience and understanding, this strange girl would become worthy of her magical identity.

But for now…she still had a long way to go.

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