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Exchange Program Information Form

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Exchange Program Information Form

Name of University

Tel Aviv University- Faculty of Law

Exchange Program website

Exchange Program Contact Detail, i.e person responsible for incoming students.

Name: Ms. Yael Lewitus

Position: Exchange Students Program Coordinator

Mailing Address:

The Buchmann Faculty of Law

Tel Aviv University

Ramat Aviv

Tel Aviv 69978


^ Phone: 972-3-6408852

Fax: 972-3-6409576


Responsibility: Exchange Students Program Coordinator

Language of Instruction

The faculty offers a variety of law courses taught in English.

^ Language requirements

Fluent English. No tests are required.

Number of places available for your school

To be decided.

^ Application procedure

paper-based only

The application form will be send by TAU Faculty of Law Exchange Students Program Coordinator following request from the University's Student Exchange Office.

Documemts that need to be sent with the application form:

  1. Transcript

  2. Letter from the student's home university confirming that credits earned at TAU Law School will be applied toward a degree from that university.

  3. Photocopy of the first page of your passport

  4. Current photo

  5. Copy of Health Insurance valid in Israel (to be sent after admission approval).

Application deadline

Fall semester: August 1, 2013

Spring semester: December 2, 2013

^ Academic Requirements for admission to the Exchange Program

According to each University's criteria

Semester Dates 2010-2011

Fall semester: October 13 2013 – January 19, 2014

^ Spring semester: First session -February 17, 2014 – May, 2014

Second session - May - June 13, 2014

All the semester - February 17, 2014– June 13, 2014

Exam Session dates: During the two weeks following the end of the course.

^ Orientation Program

There is an orientation session for international exchange students during the first week of each semester.

The Orientation Program is compulsory

Course enrolment/registration

Are students pre-enrolled or pre-registered?  Yes  No

If yes, can students do this themselves on-line?  Yes  No

Exchange Students are given priority in registration.

^ Mandatory Course Load for exchange students

Students can generally take no more than 7 courses per semester (14 credits). To sign up for more than 7 courses, you will need a special permission by the faculty member in charge of the Law Faculty's Student Exchange Program.

^ On-campus housing

 on-campus likely if apply by deadline

 on-campus available

 on-campus not guaranteed  off-campus only

 Home-stay  Other:

Off-campus housing

 assistance provided  unassisted

 Other: General guidelines will be provided upon request.

The Law Faculty Student Exchange Program cannot guarantee a housing solution for visiting student because of the excessive demand and limited supply for on-campus housing. ^ Visiting students are required to find their own accommodation.

The TAU list of apartments for rent is in Hebrew ( ).

You can also refer to the following websites: /  (English)    (Hebrew)    (Hebrew)    (Hebrew) (Click on the Tel Aviv section for Real Estate)

You might be able to find some English- language posts on the Hebrew-language websites as well.

While most Israelis use the above mentioned web-sites in their search for an apartment, please note that these are private web-sites and the University is not be accountable for any information posted on these web-sites.

If you have not managed to find an apartment prior to your arrival, it is recommended that you arrive in Israel 7-10 days before the term begins, in order to look for an apartment. Although the housing market in Tel Aviv is much the same as in any busy metropolis, it is possible with enough time and patience to find a suitable place to spend the semester. We highly recommend our students to get together to find apartments to share. We of course will do all we can to help in directing your efforts.

^ Health Insurance requirements

Do exchange students have to purchase health insurance?

 Yes  No

Does your university offer health insurance?

 Yes  No

Students should purchase travel health insurance in their home country.

^ Visa information

Israel has visa agreements with 65 countries (including Germany).

Nationals of these countries do not need to obtain an entry permit or visa prior to their arrival in Israel; they automatically receive a B2 Tourist Visa, valid for three months, upon entering the country. 

B2 Tourist Visa – This visa can be obtained upon arrival in Israel and is usually valid for three months. It can be extended by the Ministry of Interior for a period of up to 12 months and renewed annually. It is illegal to work in Israel with this visa.

A2 Student Visa – This visa may be obtained by applying to Israeli missions abroad, or after arrival in Israel from the local branch of the Ministry of Interior. The visa is valid for up to a year and must be renewed annually.

You may renew it at the Ministry of the Interior providing you supply them with a letter stating that you are a student and other documents.

^ Available language courses

Tel-Aviv University offers an Intensive Hebrew Course for beginners (Ulpan) twice each year, in the summer and winter prior to the beginning of each semester. The course is not a part of the TAU faculty of Law exchange program and is being taught by the School for Overseas Students for an extra fee (1200$).The school for overseas students also offers advanced Hebrew courses during the academic year. For more information regarding the Hebrew courses please refer to the TAU School for Overseas Students website:

^ Estimated cost of living per semester

Overall amount:

It is hard to give a precise estimate of living expenses, but roughly, you should plan to spend $600 ($1 = 3.5 NIS) per month for food, transportation, going out, independent traveling, and incidental expenses. Of course, the amount you need varies according to your personal habits, how much traveling you do, and where you eat. Naturally, students who buy and prepare most of their own food will spend less than those who frequently eat out.

Additional fees

(i.e Gym)

Membership at the Elite Sports Center (on campus): 1135 NIS per 3 months (subject to changes)

Additional Important information

Our facebook page


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