Who will be God? icon

Who will be God?

НазваниеWho will be God?
Размер972 b.

Who will be God?

Dawn. And sun light up the world

“Oh, God comes! God brings light!”

Maniac killed 72 people and wants more

“God will punish you! Die inside!”

9 point earthquake crushed the town

“God is angry! God, please, spare our lives!”

Dying girl bleed herself and died.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”.

Stupidity of crowd is endless,

Prayers of weakness and fears,

Rank ignorance of modern world,

Das ist richtig Weg zum Ende.

Who will be God? Who will be?

Who will be idol? Doesn’t care

Who will be next? Can you see?

Did you afraid? Did you scare?

Save your life, vote for life,

Your choice will be justified

Pray for God, pray for void,

Be blind and finally annoyed.


Who will be God? iconWho will be God?

Who will be God? iconLoki God of Asgard Appearance He is tall. (1,87m)

Who will be God? icon· Coldstream Guards, royal salute, "God Save the Queen" (W 12: 00)

Who will be God? iconHttp://adygheya minobr ru/index php?razd=2&podrazd=12&god=12 13

Who will be God? iconGod wont place a burden on a man's shoulders knowing that he cant carry it. (Ek 2)

Who will be God? iconElie, the protagonist and narrator of The Color Purple, is a poor, uneducated, fourteen-year-old black girl living in rural Georgia. Celie starts writing letters to God because her father, Alphonso, beats and rapes her

Who will be God? iconVerse1 One day I wake up And I can see another sun Another people, another God And I can feel it in my heart One day I wake up And I can say another words And I can think another thoughts And I can sing another songs Chorus

Who will be God? iconКнига 2 Conversations with God • an uncommon dialogue • book 2 Neale Donald Walsch Перевод с англ.: Наталия Рябова
Бога — своеобразная программа духовной революции, исчерпывающая все сферы познания и деятельности человека — от сугубо личной до...
Who will be God? iconПочему люди верят в бога?
Недавно вышедшая в нью-йоркском издательстве книга "Почему бог никогда не исчезнет?" ("Why God Won't Go Away?") интересно и по-новому...
Who will be God? iconСара Уинман Когда бог был кроликом
Действие этой уникальной семейной хроники охватывает несколько десятилетий, и под занавес Элли вспоминает о том, что ушло: «О свидетеле...
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